Ozspots Venus

Ozspots Venus 6 wks oldJust over a year old, waiting to go for a walk on her leashVenus (home name: Cloud) is our first breeding queen, a beautiful ebony silver. She’s as curious as a monkey, and almost as good at opening doors and boxes too. We’re grateful to Nola of Ozspots for trusting us with this gorgeous girl.

Dam: Ozspots Canberra

Sire: Ozspots Manly





Ozspots Pennyroyal

Ozspots Pennyroyal 8 wks oldGeorge 1 year oldPennyroyal (home name: George) is our stud, and he’s a complete charmer. He’s the sweetest teddy bear of a cat, and his favourite place is curled up next to us wherever we are. He’s very confident and will gaze into your eyes adoringly for ages, showing off his gorgeous orange eyes. George is a lilac spotted ocicat, which means his kittens will carry the genes for chocolate and for dilute colours (blue, lilac, and fawn). Once more, we have to thank Nola Kim of Ozspots for trusting us with her ocicat lines.

Dam: Daywalker Lozen

Sire: Peikkolan Frodo Reppuli