I’ve been terrible about putting up any news, but it’s been a slow year. Our kittens have grown up into sweet natured, playful, friendly cats. Cloud (Venus) has learned to open doors, although not the external doors or the door to the pantry! George (Pennyroyal) taught Cloud and our little rescue cat, Prism, how to use the cat flap in the new house. Everyone has been pretty chilled.

We’ve missed a few shows, unfortunately, due to both coming down with the flu. Twice in one year! That’ll teach me for not getting flu shots. So on that front, there’s no news at all.

Cloud is now old enough to think about kittens, and we’re hoping for a litter in early 2016. We should see some tawny (black spotted) and black silver babies, and maybe some other colours too – we’re not sure yet if Cloud carries the genes for chocolate or for dilute colour, but it’s likely that she does. If so, we might see chocolate, chocolate silver, lilac, lilac silver, or even blue or blue silver kittens as well. Watch this space.

George has been ill the last couple’ve weeks, but he’s recovering well and the vets are happy with his progress. We’re keeping a close eye on him, but he seems completely relaxed and happy to be home.


Ozspots Venus

Our beautiful girl arrived a couple’ve weeks before Christmas, and she’s the sweetest, most adorable kitty ever in the history of kitties. I may be biased, it’s true. Venus started purring at us before we even got her home, and was trying to rub her face on us through the pet carrier in the car on the way back from the airport.

Since then she’s explored the house, the cat run, and (on leash) the garden, discovered the fascination of watching chickens through the window, and met dozens of our friends who wanted to come and see her – and purred at all of them. We’ve discovered that she absolutely loves playing with people’s hair, but she’s such a gentle cutie that she always does it with her claws sheathed.

All in all, we absolutely adore her. She is a credit to Nola and to the OzCatz breeding lines.We’re looking forward to meeting her future paramour, Ozspots Pennyroyal, who’ll be arriving in a few weeks.

the website is live!

Welcome to the Sunchaser Ocicats website! We’re not quite open for business yet, but we’re looking forward to the arrival of our first Queen, Ozspots Venus (currently almost 8 weeks old, and still with her mother), and our first Stud.

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